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Built 4U Design is about filling the design gap on smaller scale renovation and remodeling projects.


My desire as a Canberra based building designer is to help you acheive a smart, efficient and well considered design outcome, while staying focused on your budget.

I aim to incorporate as much visual interest into your renovation, extension or remodel as possible, without compromising your budget.


As the Principal Designer of Built 4U Design, I maintain that:

  • A built for you design takes into account your needs, style and budget.

  • A built for you design takes into account your site and existing home.

  • A built for you design reflects your personality.

  • A built for you design is about you.

I invite you to browse through the projects section and take a look at the projects I have Built 4ME over the years.


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Shane Vaughan (Principal Designer)

0427 301 473

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